All About Backgrounds

What's a background?

A background is a piece of art designed specifically to fit the exact parameters of the page. It is the back-most layer and stays locked in place for ease of page editing. 

What can I use a background for?

The ONLY thing a background can be used for is as a background for your page. 

Once a background is placed on a page and selected (clicked on), the contextual menus that appear will only have tools that pertain to backgrounds active.

The tools active in the EFFECTS palette (the magic wand menu) are:

  1. If you're working with a linked page spread, the blue links signify that your pages are linked. By clicking this icon, you can un-link your pages.
  2. The multi-select button allows you to select multiple items on a touch device.
  3. If you'd like to remove the background from the page, use the trash icon.
  4. Use the Adjustments option to adjust the brightness and contrast of the background.

The tools active in the PROPERTIES palette ("i" in a circle menu) are:

  1. Flip and/or rotate backgrounds to allow for creative freedom.
  2. You can also decrease the opacity (make it more see through) of a background by using the Opacity slider.

If you choose to place a COLORABLE background on the page, things will look a little different. All colorable art will initially appear black but you can change the color using the color picker. Not sure what items are colorable? Look for the color wheel next to the thumbnails in the art menus.

Contextual menus for colorable backgrounds will contain additional options.

Click the 'fill' box (box that shows what color is applied to the colorable art currently selected) to open the COLORIZE menu. Choose any color available in the Pictavo color picker to apply to your colorable background. Truly, your options are endless.

Don't forget to save the color you choose making it easy to select the same color later. Project Admins can save colors to the PROJECT SAVED COLORS library which is available to all users working in the yearbook.


Once a color is chosen, the colorable background will appear to be that color. 

You can also use an image as a background. Upload the image to Candids and drop it onto a page. Click the Convert to Background button on the contextual menu. Discover all the details here.