All About Community Ads

You’ll find Ads purchased through Pictavo Community are located in Manage Photos

When an ad is purchased, a thumbnail will serve as a placeholder for that ad. This thumbnail displays multiple statuses:

    1. Not Yet Submitted: means an ad was purchased but still needs to submitted.
    2. No High Res Images: identifies an ad that was recently submitted and a high resolution file is generating so the ad can be used in the book.
        Note: This will also appear if you edit and save an ad that has already been submitted since Pictavo will need to generate a new high-res image.
    3. Submitted: (thumbnail displays a preview of the ad) indicates a high-res file was generated and the ad can be moved to Candids to be placed onto a page.
    4. Copied to Candids: this ad has been moved to Candids. 

The ads are organized into the appropriate size Recognition Ads or Business Ads albums that are listed on the left side of the ad management area. If you are looking for a specific ad, use the search option and enter the name of the student or business that the ad is intended for.

Once an ad is selected, a tool bar appears at the top of the ad management area. The options available vary depending on the status of the ad.

  1. When an ad is Not Yet Submitted, you can

A) send a reminder to the purchaser to submit the ad
B) edit the ad and submit it for the parent, if needed
C) preview the ad.

  1. When an ad displays as Submitted or No High Res Images, you can:

A) send the ad back to the parent to make additional changes
B) edit the ad which will then generate a new high-res file
C) download
D) preview a low-res version of the ad
E) move the ad to Candids.
Note: You will see an error when you try to move an ad to Candids that has a status of No High Res Images. Once the hi-res image is generated you’ll be able to move it to Candids. 

  1. When an ad has been Copied to Candids, you can:

A) preview a low-res version of the ad
B) download the ad.


Sending a reminder for parents to proof and submit their ad is a handy tool. Just follow these steps and Pictavo will do the rest.

  1. Make sure you have All Ads selected in the album list on the left and select an ad. Then click Select All located in the blue tool bar. While all ads are selected, Pictavo will only send notifications to those that have not yet submitted their ad. You may send reminders individually as well.
  2. Click on the Reminder button and then click Send.
  3. The purchaser will receive an email notification similar to the message below.

Moving Ads

Moving ads is a critical step in placing them onto pages. When you select an ad, then Select All and click Move . You can create a new album or select an existing album from the drop down menu. While all ads are selected, Pictavo will only move the ads that have been submitted and have a high resolution image generated. Pay close attention to the size of the ad as it is placed onto a page. Sub-folders are identified with an indentation before the album name.

You may find it beneficial to use a template designed specifically for ads onto the page. Here are a few templates that we suggest:

  • T4T5822
  • T4T5887
  • T4T5888
  • D7T4003

Revisions for a Submitted Ad

Ads can easily be sent back to the purchaser for changes to be made. However, the ad will need to be re-submitted when it is complete. When deciding whether or not to send an ad back, keep the project deadline in mind.  Consider telling the parent that it’s imperative for the ad to be submitted by the due date provided by you. This date is one that you choose and should be on or before the date that displays in the Dashboard. Providing an earlier due date to the parent ensures you have enough time to place the ad into the book. 

If the ad is already on a page, it can still be sent back.  It just needs to be removed from the page and then deleted from Candids – which doesn’t actually delete it, but alters the Copied to Candids status to Submitted. Then follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Manages Photos and click Ads.
  2. Select the ad and click Send Back and click OK on the confirmation message that pops up. 
  3. The parent will receive an email notification similar to the message below.