Placing Ads in the Yearbook

In order to place ads onto the pages of your yearbook, you must copy them to your Candids album. An ad can only be copied to your Candids album if its status is Submitted.

First access the ad management area by clicking on Manage Photos from the Dashboard and then clicking Ads.

From the ad management area, select an ad. Remember, its status must be submitted. Click on the Move icon.

Within the Move Ads to window, create a new folder in which to place the ad, or select an existing one from the drop down list. Sub-folders are identified with an indentation before the album name. Click OK to initiate the copying process.  

Within the ad management area, the ad’s status now appears as Copied to Candids.

And, a copy of the ad now appears in the Candids album located within the Manage Photos area.

Now, you will be able to place the ad onto a page. From the ladder, access the page(s) in which the ad(s) will be positioned. Click on Photos then Candids. Locate the album containing your ad(s). Click on the ad and drag it onto the page and position it in its proper location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the ad is placed onto a page, pay close attention to the size which appears in the file name.

You may find it beneficial to use a template designed specifically for placing ads onto the page. Here are a few templates we suggest:

  • T4T5822
  • T4T5887
  • T4T5888
  • D7T4003

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