Sending a Reminder Email to Ad Purchasers to Submit

Within Pictavo, you can send emails to ad purchasers reminding them to proof and submit their ads. 

Access the Manage Photos area on the Dashboard. Select Ads and then select All Ads. This will display all ads purchased for your yearbook. 

Select any ad and click Select All located in the blue tool bar. While all ads are selected, Pictavo will only send emails to those that have not yet submitted their ad. You may send reminders individually as well. 

Click on the Send Reminder Email icon  to access the Reminder to Submit Ads window. Personalize the message or leave as is. Click Send and Pictavo will send the reminder message. 

Please note, in order to submit an ad, the purchaser of that ad will be required to check a box indicating they have proofed their work and give permission to the yearbook staff to send the ad into production. 

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